Alpha 3.11 is here with a smaller footprint

After being perplexed by reports of memory usage errors, I might have overreacted a bit in version 3.10 in an attempt to address them. I introduced a startup error for low-memory systems, and my fix to memory issues on the Races UI had obvious visual glitches.

This is the nature of rapid turnaround on fixes in an alpha. You get immediate feedback, but sometimes I break something along the way. Sorry!

I also scoured my previous code changes for the possible introduction of a memory leak since the start of the alpha, but to no avail. I then did some retesting for memory growth between the 3.10 and 3.02 versions. While I found no appreciable differences in memory growth per turn, I did notice that the animations on various screens spiked memory usage significantly. Which makes sense since I have actually done very little performance tuning on them yet.

Expect more work on this aspect of performance in future patches along with some work on Next Turn processing times.

You can download version 3.11 from this link:

(new version upload.. check for more recent posts)

What’s addressed:

  • The race images on the Races UI are now correct again, but the UI still uses less memory as in 3.10
  • Startup changes that tried to grab 2G of memory in 3.10 instead of 1G of memory (pre-3.10) have been reverted. The game still will allocate now based on free memory instead of total memory.
  • If you are running on a low memory system (<1G memory free), animations will be automatically disabled.
  • the animations on the Diplomatic UI were really spiking memory usage a lot, and this has been tamed down quite a bit
  • some minor memory improvements when drawing fleets on the galaxy map.

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