Alpha 3.12a shows up without that memory leak

Note: there was an bug that I’ve since fixed with a new 3.12a version.

Wow, I am so happy. I figured out what was causing the memory leaks and fixed it. If you’ve been having memory issues with the game, you should really update to this version. Now I can move on with my life, lol

Here’s the link for downloading 3.12a:

(more fixes arrive in 3.13, check for more recent post)

What’s fixed:

  • A pernicious memory leak that ONLY manifests when animations are turned off. If the game detects you have low memory, it disables animations. If you tell me that you’re running out of memory, I advise to retry with animations turned off. That’s where something wicked lay in wait. But it’s exorcised now and I am pretty happy.
  • The visual glitches on the Races UI that I thought I fixed in 3.11. Well, I wrote the code, but forgot to rebuild the final jar file after I did that. So it was working great in my development build, but not so much in the jar I uploaded. Also fixed!
  • Declaring war on the AI will no longer crash. I broke this too! Yay me. Sorry. Usually alpha testing is 2 steps forward and 1 step back, but sometimes it’s the other way around.
  • Lowered the maximum resolution of generated planets. The large versions of these will be leaving the game soon anyway, so no need to waste memory generating and rotating them.
  • Memory improvements with displaying fleets on the map. This was a pervasive change so if anything might introduce a new bug, this is it. Hopefully not. I didn’t see any in my testing — which means of course there are some there  😦  (NOTE: it did. It’s late at night so I’ve rush-uploaded a 3.12a patch to fix a clicking issue)
  • Load Game UI now sorts files alphabetically. Nobody reported this. I got annoyed and fixed it..
  • AI empires will now display increased irritation for other empires (including the player) that grow too large. The player should not be able to get too big without waging wars along the way.
  • AI empires should amass larger fleets when attacking. I have knobs to turn here, but I’m not sure how much to turn them. Hopefully the AI will present more of a military challenge.

9 thoughts on “Alpha 3.12a shows up without that memory leak”

  1. I was still playing 3,07 :).

    You develop fast.

    Only change I see so far is single click destination confirm – which is very good.


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