Alpha 3.13 arrives with more goodies

The last patch really quieted things down since the memory leak was fixed, but the rule is that I will still rush out patches as soon as possible for any game-breaking bugs. I almost made it an entire evening, but a couple came in late. This version is only just changes to reported bugs, which is all I had time to work on tonight since I had dinner with friends.

Download the Alpha 3.13 here:

What’s changed:

  • Fix for game locking up when trading techs and you had nothing the AI wanted.
  • In situations where a colony changes ownership, a transport could be sent from the colony but assigned to the previously owning empire. Traitors!
  • Learning the Stargate technology was creating broken save game files. I can’t fix those files, but fewer games won’t have this problem
  • An infrequent visual ClassCast bug would occur after colonizing a system when the colony ship had been selected on the map
  • Map doesn’t make a click sound when using keys to move it around
  • Diplomacy UI displays menu without delay now

6 thoughts on “Alpha 3.13 arrives with more goodies”

      1. no, I dont have it. It was darloks. I can send you this file, not sure if its the same (has mess with all this versions)
        you have mail?
        F10 key have issues with system cursor – try clicking it few times.

        can you make TAB key to cycle through idle (orbiting) fleet?

        can you make able to re-watch events? message log or smth.

        can you give option to auto bombard planet each turn?

        can you make arrow map scroll to work instantly- currently it stutter at first

        can you make colony panel to have all information on one tab (instead 3)?

        can you make numbers 12345 work like that; Num click max/zero-ing assigned slider (ship,def,eco,ind,tech). SHift+Number – lock/unlock slider? 1 point adjustment is useless function.
        errors i need to check again (maybe Im wrong);

        my fleet orbiting together with enemy. not engaging in combat (war relation, combat ships)

        neutral race bombarding my planets and ask for trade agreement?

        sync ground invasion dont work? transport arrive separate.

        during intense ground combat, i receive error screen few time. But it didnt crash the game.

        I have designed “fighter” type of ship, who was able to bombard planet (has only lasers).
        game complains:

        population growth is too fast. Planet regain population between my ground invasions (few years freq.) being during constant bombardment (every turn). [Psilon]

        why each race population fight to the death of his last habitant? They dont want to live under my regime (with an rebellion option in future)? This suicidal nature is very artificial.

        trade agreements – this make me wonder about the logistic process of this whole “trade agreement” enterprise. If whole empire struggle to send scouts to distant world then there is no problem for private sector to barter with barely discover alien species? [it prove that private activity is always better than government 😀 ]


  1. I play second game with Darlok.

    I can not attack enemy ship in the same orbit. My fleet only respond to attack.

    I can not sync ground invasions. SURE.

    I develop technology to colonize inhabitable system. To my surprise Tundra module allow you to also colonize Barren! I didnt check all combination but this one is a bug. I have also Barren module, and this one work fine – I was not able to colonize Tundra [or maybe it was the default colony ship? not sure now].
    Can you add option to auto colonize system? I dont think about inclination to not do it. If you want to colonize another one then you just send colony ship to target system or wait on one of your own.

    Managing many systems is wearing. Option to only mouse-click system and then single press numbers to max ship/ind/def/tech, would fasten the process. Currently I have to hover mouse there and back. I can do it slightly faster in colony menu, but there i dont see the exact location of system, which is vital to making decision (where build base, where focus on ship builds).

    I really love to use UI with both hand as much as I can. It greatly increase the pleasure from game.

    The transport UI system is awesome! I love it SOOO much. It even tell you that you already order to sent cargo from selected system. [have flaws, but that would be fixed]



    here is my save with Darlok race,

    I have issue with my fleet orbiting Harad planet, the unit composition in planet view was not matching the fleet in global map

    but after quiting the game and loading againg the unit status is correct. So you will can not reproduce this error also :/ .

    Looks like during my play I was using different ships in orbit, that what was read in save file. And after reloading my ships in Harad orbit change.


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