Alpha 3.14 has arrived with pie

Sorry, but the patch fixes will continue until you guys stop finding game-breaking bugs. But seriously, thanks! You guys are the testing team for the project and doing a great job!

I’m also going to try and start estimating the scale of each change and the associated risk of new bugs from the change.

Alpha 3.14 can be downloaded from here:

(new version available, check more recent posts)

What’s fixed:

  • If you trade for a technology from the Races screen, the game would lock up trying to display the technology discovered UI, which was originally only designed to work within the Next Turn process thread. Now what happens is that any techs you trade for are queued up to be received when you hit Next Turn. The purpose of this is to even the playing field with the AI. After all, when they ask you to trade techs, they don’t get to use the new technology until the end of the next turn. Fair is fair, right? I had to add some code to keep the AI from offering you techs that you don’t know but have traded for. This was a decent, but necessary, code change. NEW BUG RISK: Moderate.
  • Fixed another bug on the tech trade UI where you had to accept a counter-offer tech. Attempting to refuse had no effect. You can now walk away from the table! NEW BUG RISK: Low.
  • When you receive a technology via trade, the tech discovery UI now has a different title along the lines of: “Psilon scientists learn technology from Sakkra scientists” NEW BUG RISK: Low
  • Fixed a Next Turn lock problem where a ship combat with >2 empires in orbit would not end for situations where one of the fleets was armed and aggressive but retreated before entering combat. Now the trespassing dogs will be recognized for the cowards they are and combat will complete successfully, allowing Next Turn to finish. NEW BUG RISK: Low
  • The incident where the AI thinks you are expanding to aggressively was recently changed to check every turn instead of just turns you added new systems. This had the unfortunate side-effect of triggering them to harrass you every turn about your expansion. Now the incident will be recorded every turn (as intended), but a diplomatic warning for it will only trigger on turns in which you expanded (as before). We do not want the AI to be spammy! That is stupid and breaks immersion. Please always report this is if you experience it. NEW BUG RISK: Low

One thought on “Alpha 3.14 has arrived with pie”

  1. My hats off to you, Ray!! Fixed the tech to pop on following turn and all of the communications with other races is now super smooth and fast with no lock up. So far 3.14 is running stable.


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