Alpha 3.15 is here with more tweaks

I’ve enjoyed a nice Saturday off, only starting to address any reported bugs late this afternoon. Only one game-breaking bug, but that’s enough to trigger a release!

You can download version 3.15 from this link:

(replaced by a new version. Check for more recent updates)

What’s fixed:

  • If you’ve learned Stargates, there’s a chance that changing you colony to build them can cause a crash. This was game-breaking, imo. NEW BUG RISK: Low
  • Using the F9,F10,F11, or F12 keys to tab through fleets on the main map could cause an error if some of those fleets had recently merged with other fleets. NEW BUG RISK: Low
  • Sometimes the right-side panel would disappear and not come back until you reloaded the game. NEW BUG RISK: Low
  • Synching transports to destination planets was not working. NEW BUG RISK: Low
  • Improved logic to reallocate memory on when Windows does not allocate enough to the game. NEW BUG RISK: Low
  • Adjusted formula for maximum map sizes allowed on extremely low memory systems such as the Pi Zero. NEW BUG RISK: Low

3 thoughts on “Alpha 3.15 is here with more tweaks”

  1. wooo I didnt even finish my 3.14 game
    unscanned own ship wording-bug:

    build any default ship “destroyer”
    race > military > ships without special devices has always “unscanned”

    that make no sens for ship you own.


  2. today I frame other race for my tech steal, 🙂
    Add hot key for sending transport (i use this function a lot)

    … faster way to recall ambassador. There is too much trade agreement, and tech trade ask spam. Or let 1 opponent ask for trade agreement only once in a game.

    Let the diplomacy welcome text, be included above the diplomacy option list. One screen less to click.

    Add hot-key to hide/show fleet. Make it switch A/B. Not 3 variant, icon click, like now. This would ease up with planet clicking.

    Remove “Game” button. ESC key is obvious standard. Why clutter the UI with needless button?

    bug: MAP > Environment >if you has tech, the hostile planet turn green, instead yellow.

    instead of bombardment pop-up window spam, add visual icon on galaxy map [nuclear mushroom?] , which planet was bombard this turn.
    + small alert, unwrapping to list with all bombardment planet with stats (planet X – pop -fact -base)

    Add random color for new ship design (if click tittle “color” or smth).

    Ship design light colors ; bars 3 and further, are too bright. Such highlighted ship doesn’t look good. Remove it. Its too much shades available anyway.

    reduce the amount of buttons on left top corner. Noob waste time searching for vital function, and will stick to default. Grognards use key.

    can’t await for the space combat, because I’m quite sure AI is cheating here. My fleet lose to often, and I dont think my design suck THAT much.

    P.S. remove wording and politeness from my post, to reduce you reading time 🙂


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