Alpha 3.16 available

Patches, patches, patches! There are no fixes for game-breaking bugs in here unless you are playing on really large maps and are experiencing long Next Turn times. If you are, you will like this version

You can download 3.16 here:

(a new version is available on a more recent post)

What’s fixed:

  • For the first time, I’ve started looking at improving next turn times using a saved game for a very large map provided by a tester. Just getting the low-hanging fruit has reduced times from 23m to under 6m. Still a long time, but this is hopefully just the start. NEW BUG RISK: Moderate
  • The notice that displays when hitting Next Turn now presents more information about what’s going on, which should give a good indication of whether the game is locked up or just slow. If it’s fast, it won’t be up long enough for you to notice the difference. NEW BUG RISK: Moderate
  • The entire Advisor box is now selectable if you want to dismiss it, rather than just the tiny OK button. NEW BUG RISK: Low
  • You should be able to send transports by keyboard alone. Press Ctrl-T to bring up the transport pane, use Tab to switch between allowable destinations, 1 or shift-1 to move the slider up/down, then space to accept the transport (or escape to cancel). NEW BUG RISK: Low
  • The AI has been tweaked to be less spammy when requesting trade agreements. Previously, if you rejected a trade request, it would wait a minimum of 10 turns and then ask you again if the potential trade amount had increased (it would never ask for the same amount of lower). Now the AI will not try to renew trade treaties unless there is at least a 25% increase in value. Diplomacy spam is bad! Always point this out if you experience it! NEW BUG RISK: Low
  • The GNN screen now has a title across the top to help new players understand what is going on. NEW BUG RISK: Low
  • Once you deploy a fleet,  it will always deselect after deployment. This should reduce mouse clicking. NEW BUG RISK: Low
  • The System Display that showed when you selected a system on the map has been displayed. The plan has always been to replace the big orbiting planet with a landscape view, but there’s no point in keeping it until that’s done. Plus, I lowered the maximum resolution of all of the generated planets so now it looks really pixelated. NEW BUG RISK: Low
  • When a player builds one of his ships that doesn’t have a ship special, such as a fighter, the Intelligence display on the Races UI will no longer show “unscanned” in the specials list for that design. Does not fix the problem in old saved games, but this is cosmetic so no worries. NEW BUG RISK: Low
  • The result on the ECO slider will now include natural population growth instead of just purchased growth. This is not a change in game mechanics! Players should now have a much more accurate idea of how fast population is growing on their planet. NEW BUG RISK: Low

3 thoughts on “Alpha 3.16 available”

  1. transport – appreciate a lot!
    ctrl+T > could you switch to one key “Q” ?
    Tab – shift Tab works well
    1 – shift 1 – the speed of slider increase speed if you hold button? or I;m biased

    space as confirmation is great, lot more handy than Y. should be used also for building colony and proceed with bombarding planet, or clicking contiue for diplomatic event

    removing full screen planet display is a good step – honestly accidental click annoy me before

    eco slide = i sometimes has writte +4pop, but next turn planet grow by 3 only 70>73>76. Its not 100% accurate. Dont include some hidden mdf.

    Trade agreement spam – 25% is not enough.
    I receive audience when I’m worth 50 > 75 > 100> 150> 200 BC. Try maybe 75%?


  2. Ctrl-T is to match “Transport”. Whenever possible, we are using a first-letter hotkey system. Not going to increase the slider rate, though. The keys are already overloaded. Also Ctr-1 should lock/unlock sliders when that is an option.

    I agree about trade spam but changes made for the player also affect changes to the AIs, so I don’t want to create a high default limit. Instead I might change it to an escalating % with each consecutive refusal. So it would go 50 > 75 > 125 > 225 > 475 etc (25/50/75/100%). This would allow a player to effectively shut down the AI permanently after a few refusals. If you want more than that, you can always take the diplomacy hit and close your embassy.

    The ECO result might be off a bit sometimes. I need to see an example save game to track down particular discrepancies.


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