1st official YouTube sighting: last December

I don’t know how exactly, but I just stumbled upon the first independent YouTube evalaution/play/comment about Remnants, showing the developer build available last December. Think of it as  “Alpha 2.5”.

So much clicking! Someone needs to complain about that?

Anyway, check it out!

2 thoughts on “1st official YouTube sighting: last December”

  1. I thought you knew about that one. He is pretty funny.
    “The chicken has landed” when the Alkari hops out of the colony ship.

    I wonder if he will do a new one for the new alpha. It would be nice if Explorminate would do a youtube “let’s play” or a preview on this alpha.

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  2. Seeing someone actually play the game is a tremendous help in me seeing the game through eyes other than “this is what I’ve worked on two years”

    Honestly, bad reviews would be more help to me than good reviews.


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