Alpha 3.17b All Quiet on the Remnants Front

No real game-breaking bugs fixed here, but I thought I’d upload a small update for those interested.

NOTE: 3.17 introduced a bug where the AI would not send out fleets properly. This bug is fixed in 3.17b

You can download Alpha 3.17b here:

(version 3.18 uploaded, check more recent post)

What’s fixed:

  • Button click volume toned down and eliminated on the map items.
  • Fixed problem with ships arriving 1 turn late from a bug I introduced a few patches ago. Really noticeable if you have stargates!
  • Threshold for the AI requesting a trade agreement escalates by +25% for each consecutive refusal you have given in the past. This is intended to reduce AI spam if you don’t want without having to close your embassy. For example, if you refuse a treaty, the AI won’t ask again until trade levels increase 25%. If you refuse again, they have to go up another 50%.
  • Fixed a problem with the additional population project on the ECO slider
  • Tweaked the AI’s decision of which planets to invade or defend by a better evaluation of missile bases
  • Some miscellaneous memory improvements. I saw a 20-30Mb memory reduction for maps of about 500 stars.

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