Alpha 3.18 – two bugs squashed

Two bugs were introduced recently as a result of some other fixes..

Download 3.18 here:

(alpha 3.19 available, check for more recent post)

What’s fixed:

  • Double-processing would occur on the first turn of the game.. double factories, double pop, etc. Fixed.
  • A crash involving rally fleets with path lines drawn through nebulas. Of course, there’s no indication of what caused this, but that’s what it was.

2 thoughts on “Alpha 3.18 – two bugs squashed”

  1. UI keys: [because I need moar]

    Races menu:
    ” ~ ” {key above TAB} – select next contacted race. Shift + ~ – select previous race.
    A – Audience.
    Incorporate numbers for list options during diplomatic screen:
    Similar numeric selection for council votes.

    1 – increase bar / shift+1 dec

    Enter Combat screen / Trade Agreement screen/ Bombard planet/ Build a new colony:
    space – YES,
    esc – NO
    clicking esc to decline trade agreement is smooth

    Select next tech to focus on screen:
    space – select

    Keys for transports:
    * ctrl+T change for Q.
    let key shortcut for Transport work also in Fleet panel (and Colonies panel).

    *Current stretching fingers is very uncomfortable, for the name of what? Granny, childs under 10 or computer-illiterate having slightly easier access to MoO remake single function? BTW they would no be Your game audience anyway.

    Main screen:
    Tab – select next planet , Shift TAB previous planet
    BUG: click tab on main screen when fleet is select. It choose weird destination. If you click Tab few times error will occur. – recent file

    Add population and planet type on/off toggle info on main screen:

    whats that one in galaxy number under single planet in MAP>SHields ?:

    sound issue:
    after ground invasion with more tan 100 troops the “phew phew” sound sometimes last longer than the ground combat event.


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