Mrrshan soldier artwork – in work

Here’s a recent image of how the Mrrshan soldier is shaping up, with some options presented to me for the spear point shape.

This would be an example of ceremonial gear.

5 thoughts on “Mrrshan soldier artwork – in work”

  1. Wow, it looks awesome already! I only have to question that belt buckle. It seems a little over the top (for one thing, it doesn’t quite seem to mesh with the perspective of the rest of the soldier).


  2. So are the Mrrshans going to drop the weirdly human female aesthetic they had in the first and reboot MoO game? Also, is their AI going to change how they always seemed to end up overrun by the other factions because they failed to expand and/or picked too many fights?


    1. The female Mrrshan diplomat is iconic to this franchise and will be retained. She will not be a Barbie doll, though.

      The effectiveness of the Mrrshan AI against others is ultimately going to come down to how well aggressive personalities compete. All of the AIs expand pretty well, though.


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