Alpha 3.01 (patch) is already here

Just in case you didn’t know, I hate software bugs… especially those in my code.

Two problems showed up pretty quickly related to systems that I did not have much opportunity to test on.

Here’s the Alpha 3.01 download link:

(replaced with a more recent patch. Please check the blog for updated links)


Here is a description of the fixes:

  • (Windows) The bottom half of the Main menu bar was being truncated. This has to do with Windows frame labels being sized differently (and larger) than Linux frame labels that I developed with. The game now recognizes the difference and sizes appropriately
  • (Raspberry Pi) The JavaFX library, which is used to play mp3 files, is not loaded onto the basic Java JRE loaded onto Raspberry Pis. These missing classes were causing the game to not start. Now, if these classes are missing, the game will simply disable all sounds rather than crash. Not a perfect solution, but better than crashing.

On a related note, if you are running the game from a command line, please include an extra dummy argument. If the game does not see this argument and your PC does not have a lot of memory, it tries to automatically restart with an appropriate heap size. The more I think about this, the dumber I think it is. I’ll probably remove it at some point

The command should like something like this:

java -jar Remnants.jar xxx

where ‘xxx’ is the dummy argument.


Alpha 3 is now available

The Alpha 3 version of Remnants is now available for download and testing. Any system with at least 512 Mb of RAM and Java 8 installed should be able to run the game. Simply create a folder for it and you should be able to run the game by double-clicking it. Saved game files will be stored in the same folder.
You can view an introductory video of the game here:

If you do not have it, the Java 8 runtime environment can be downloaded for free from Oracle at:

The latest Alpha version of the game (3.20) can be downloaded from my google drive at:



Please note that this is the first public version in several months. I’ve tried to stamp out as many bugs as I could find, but I am sure there will be a few more found in the first few days of the alpha!

These are the major changes since the last alpha:
  • addition of the Darlok & Sakkra races
  • Galactic Council & GNN artwork
  • introductory text for each race
  • new player tips in the form of Advisor dialogs
  • graphically revamped interfaces for the Main UI and related dialogs
  • graphically revamped Planets UI
  • updated Fleet UI with advanced fleet management features
  • improved memory usage to allow larger galaxies
  • all Ogg audio files replaced with mp3 for quality reasons
Please report any problems to the ROTP subreddit at

Looking ahead

This current developer release is rapidly approaching completion, but I thought I’d give everyone an idea of what’s coming in the pipeline for the next developer build. Keep in mind that these releases take many months to complete because of the artwork involved for new races and features.  Here’s what is currenlty planned:

  1. The 8th race: The Mrrshan –
    • Art (Petar) – there is a lot of artwork involved for each race, probably a solid 3-4 months of work. A list of what’s needed: Laboratory background, Animated figures for Soldier, Scientist, Spy and Diplomat. GNN background with robot. Galactic Council background. Animated soldier icon for ground combat. The landing ship animation needed for colonization and ground combat. The colony graphic that is displayed on each planet. The racial icon that is displayed during diplomacy. The custom text box that shows during diplomacy.
    • Writing (Jeff) – writing work will involve coming up with a lore background, the synopsis on the race introduction UI, and the advisor comments
  2. Ship Combat
    • Art (Petar) – this will involve creating 24 ship icons (4 each for Small, Medium, Large and Huge ships) for the 8 races created thus far. If progress went at one race (24 ships) per week ,that’s 2 months of artwork.
    • Code (Ray) – there will be some UI development for this and the AIShipCaptain class will need a lot of improvement. The majority of the effort will be the visual effects of the different weapons and specials. I have no idea how long all of this will take but maybe 6 months?
  3. Animated Colonists
    • Art (Petar) – this is the animated colonist for each race that will come out and plant a flag whenever you colonist a planet. If 2 races/week, that’s a month of work
  4. Technology artwork
    • Art (Petar) – these are the artistic interpretations of technology that are displayed when you learn them. There need to be about 30-40 of these, so at least a month of work, maybe two?
  5. Continued UI revamp – this will all be ongoing throughout the next release
    • Tech UI (Kaitlin, Ray)
    • Sabotage UI (Kaitlin, Ray)
    • Galactic Council UI (Kaitlin, Ray)
    • Ship Design UI (Kaitlin, Ray)
  6. Additional writing
    • Galactic Council intro (Jeff) – this is the descriptive text that will show up when a galactic council vote starts, obviously individualized for each race.
    • Diplomacy Dialogue (Jeff) – there is a ton of writing here. We kind of keep pushing it back because it’s such a ridiculous effort. I think we will find a way to carve it up into more manageable slices and make some progress here

As you can see, this is a huge project. The only way to get it done is to just map it out and take it feature by feature. But we get closer to completion with each passing month!