Do you speak Greek?

If so, you might enjoy our recent addition of another translator to the team:


12 thoughts on “Do you speak Greek?”

  1. No, however all this fonts looks beautiful. Like some ancient runes.

    but I speak Polish and I would say its better to remove it, than to force player to play RoP bilingual.
    Also there is font error in menu (squares, just after you change language to Polish).


      1. go to Technika (research), check some techs description – in 3.20. squares
        yes, till now I was using 3.18.


      2. Yes, it’s that particular font. None of the translations are finished. The language options are currently there to allow the translators to see what they are doing.


  2. This looks good but there are some errors here and there in spelling and generally the way greek people talk, but it’s not that important.
    For example instead of “το χάραγμα μιας εποχής” it should be “η αυγή μιας εποχής”
    Also “ευατούς” means nothing. The proper word is “εαυτούς” which I assume was meant for the english “themselves”.
    I could point out more if I had the original english text because there are a few more sentences that make little sense.


  3. You have that, if you play the game, it’s all there in the english version. I’ve selected to go with semantics and free translation for the most part and within the constraints of space and other things. It IS meant for Greek people. Not foreign people who happen to have a knowledge of Greek(there are 5 more languages to choose from, for them). They are the ones supposed to be at ease with it.

    Also, a word to word translation wouldn not make sense in many occasions, since its the nature of the initial game to not have e.g. sex differentiation, differences for plural regarding races etc. I will have to take a second pass at it to correct trivial mistakes and if I catch them any spelling ones, but I want to complete it asap in order not to have any time constraints.

    Αυγή, είναι Dawn. Wake, as the english text reads, can have a lot of meanings but I’ve gone with what felt more aproppriate. I can suggest what it means in its core as “χαράζει” etc, to get an idea of what is targeted. Also I had to spend some time searching for this to form my answer, because its not in online dictionaries, but check out the following link.

    I could have selected “χαραυγή” but it doesn’t bode well with the rest of the text imo. But it’s a very viable synonym of what I think the idea of the text was meant to communicate to the reader.

    Thanks for the anagram error input. If it’s still there in my current version(which I had to change a bit for viewing purposes)I’ll correct it. I’d rather we discuss this when it’s close to completion to be honest. I started this Sunday and I expect to be finished with it by end next week. So, plenty of time then I guess.


  4. @Evan

    As you say, wake is a little tricky to translate exactly, but following up from your answer, I guess you went for the meaning “wake of dawn” which is χαραυγή. But as you said it is a word that doesn’t bode well with the rest of the text. That’s why I feel “αυγή” as more natural even though it’s not an exact word by word translation.
    The problem with χάραγμα is that it mainly means carving in modern Greek. You could say “χάραμα” though which is the same.

    Unfortunately I don’t have the time to download and play the game to see for myself, so I try to read behind the words and see the meaning.
    I would gladly help should you need assistance though. 🙂


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