Languages of the Precursors

Remnants is already seeing tangible results from multiple translation efforts! This is something very exciting to me because one of the reasons I am making this game for free is to ensure that this “modernized MOO1” reaches the largest possible audience. Translations into other languages contributes greatly towards that goal.

I’m not selecting the languages. Instead, dedicated fans are volunteering to take on the stupendous task of translating 15000 words, give or take a few thousand… and growing as more content is written.

A translation to Chinese, Japanese are Korean would be great to see the text in a pictographic format. Or Farsi, which is very artistic (although switching R to L might make this impractical in the short term).

Below are 3 different language variations for the same game same turn. Please note that these screenshots are from the next Alpha to be released when the Mrrshan race is complete.





10 thoughts on “Languages of the Precursors”

  1. Concerning Greek, the correct form of the sentence would be “Πλανήτης έδρα των Αλκάρι.”
    Otherwise they are just random words thrown together.

    Everything else looks good. 🙂


    1. Let’s try to avoid the unnecessarily negative comments. If they were indeed “random words thrown together” then how would you have know what the correct form is?


      1. I’m not trying to be negative and I apologize if I sounded like that.
        It’s just that this particular sentence is structured like something Yoda would say.


    2. First off, thank you for the comment and at least trying to play or expressing an interest to play the game. 🙂 I totally recomend you to dload and do so if you haven’t already, cause it’s a very nice game to play even at its current, non-final state.

      Technically, if you really want to go there, “Εργοστάσ”(though I “corrected” it in a later version as an experiment, but I might as well have to shorten it again as I play the game with those translations to pick up potential problems or areas I wanna try to do differently) is not a word either as it lacks 2 letters. But it doesn’t take away from the game as it is, since it’s understood well enough, I’d like to believe.

      The reason is not enough available space, especially with some of the other empire longer names, so it wouldn’t look good. The idea is both to make sence and not be out of bounds(as the planetary stats area is fixed). I’ve also taken liberties with some areas(not evident here but you’ll see when the next Alpha arrives) to make the game accesible and understandable to Greeks who might never have played it before as well(So I’ve tried to translate puns and other stuff were I could. Do I succeed? Do I fail? Well, I try my best at least)

      Now, correct me if I’m wrong but I’ve been playing games and haven’t seen any Greek translations for any I’ve played before – and I’ve played all MoO excluding the wargaming one which I do own though, so maybe cause they’re a Cypriot company they have a Greek translation-dunno, HoMM, Starcraft, various RPG Most good space 4x excluding Stellaris, civs and 100’s others, with no Greek translations so I thought I might as well make a start somewhere, so people know we actually exist as players of games too. To that end, if I find any other attempts by any other Greek out there to translate a games’ language I will support and congratulate them(I’m not aware of one though I’m aware of several total conversions of games to Greek Historical events. That’s a move towards the right direction too). Cause it’s rare and there is no groundwork for it.

      Obviously, that’s not to say you can’t offer your opinion, were you can think it can make a difference and improve. Being a single person with what ever tools I have, things are bound to slip and I might do mistakes, though I do try to avoid them. And I can understand you want to be noticed and potentially do constructive criticism on the game(especially if you intending to play it). But you don’t have all the data for it and there are other, various complications. My “work” here is to make it look as good as possible without adding unnecessary hassle.

      So, in my opinion and with this in mind, this translation form does make sense. Some things don’t have to be always stated. Greek uses more worlds than it should on occasion(as opposed to English which states meanings briefly, yet accurately) and games such as this will benefit from being as Spartan as possible, which is a good thing for the game economy, imho.

      Meanwhile – Xenwind Empire(and you’re shown an image of any world of a hypothetical alien race of Xenwind, or their throne room or something): What do you understand? Don’t tell me that’s a random assembly of worlds? Similar with this(and other instances, throughout the game).


      1. I think you misunderstood me. Don’t get me wrong, I really appreciate the effort to put my mother tongue into the game. 😀

        My comment was about “Aλκάρι Πλανήτης Εδρα”. Names in Greek need an article in front of them and in this case should be placed last in the sentence.


  2. > Now, correct me if I’m wrong but I’ve been playing games and haven’t seen any Greek translations for any I’ve played before

    Yes, and thank you for volunteering to do this!


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