Early Mrrshan Scientist mockup

The Mrrshan laboratory and soldier are done, now the work on the scientist has begun. Here’s an early look.

14 thoughts on “Early Mrrshan Scientist mockup”

  1. Nuclear engines render ship cheaper than Retros. And the cost is constant 2 BC. Shouldn’t Nuclear enigne be more expensive proportional to ship size?

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  2. Waste in ECO slider is showing strange values. The more to left is set Eco slider the lower the +X number – should be opposite. Waste is clean immediately, making garbage minimal influence on gameplay.


  3. Hey Ray, more questions: is there going to be a map editor and multiplayer (not necessarily simultaneously play, something like Play by Email would be great in its own right)?


  4. That’s too bad. Is it simply incompatible with Java or a design decision? If it’s feasible, multiplayer could do wonders for your game. Just look at the enduring popularity of the Civilization games due to the multiplayer scene.


    1. You have it backwards. For multiplayer to even be used, you need a large established playerbase first. Civilization is incredibly iconic, like the NY Yankees of 4X, so that’s a crazy comparison. There is no single 4X game that compares to it in popularity. Of course it’s going to have multiplayer.


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