Sarissofoi preview video

I’m at work and haven’t had a chance to watch this yet… It might be bad! lol

4 thoughts on “Sarissofoi preview video”

  1. Generally good and favorable. Does have some complains with UI and fonts(dunno why, to me it looks like MoO) He didn’t like the font of the Tech screen much apparently, which I don’t know why – its either similar or identical to the original game. He did say you’re not gonna play the game for these elements primarily anyway. Also he did try to display most aspects of the current game+gameplay.


    1. A lot of the UIs are still in line for a revamp, so I can’t really be too concerned for criticism on them since they are go to be completely replaced.
      A background for the map is also on the list of things to do.
      I thought his criticism about the lore was an interesting perspective — that the lack of lore in the original game forced players to imagine it themselves. But then he wanted the idea of an “ancient GNN” in the game which barely has a thread of lore backing it.
      Regardless, Sarissofoi is a MOO1 veteran and is part of the target audience for this game, so I need to consider his concerns.


  2. Well, it is if you think of it(lack of lore putting personal imagination into play). Like you had the Lord of the rings before as books only and used imagination on them and now you have the movies which kinda give you a more or less fixed idea of how his imagined world would materialize(though these were great movies and faithful to his vision imo).

    Dunno about the ancient GNN. It’s artistic perspective. I like it still to this day and wouldn’t mind to see an interpretation of it again, but I’m not opposed to a fresh take either, see were that goes.


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