Mrrshan Diplomat, unfinished but colored

For those interested in progress on the Mrrshan diplomat, here’s a colorized version. Still a few details missing, but it gives you a good idea.

There are a lot of intentional visual cues taken from the original MOO1 Mrrshan, which I consider to be probably the most iconic alien from the original series.


10 thoughts on “Mrrshan Diplomat, unfinished but colored”

  1. I love it! One can definitely see the callbacks to the original, but it’s unique in it’s own right (not to mention, it doesn’t go crazy with the breasts)

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    1. Yes, I’ve been told that my unwillingness to put double-D breasts on every female, human or alien, is negatively impacting my ability to reach the 12-16 gamer demographic


      1. Ah, so it’s female. Well, the 12-16 demographic is not your initial target from what I know. Also I don’t know if they’re mature enough to appreciate a game for its gameplay first which is what MoO and as a result, RotP, is all about(though RotP is visually updated, but the core is still the gameplay and that’s why you play a game usually, graphics are just a pleasant distraction).


    2. The original was female from what I remember, this looks to be male, like the scientist, (as in say MoO2 for instance), judging from posture and such, but it’s hard to say as it is unfinished and details will make it more prominent. They did that for the Psilons as well, and I think it’s nice to see representatives of other sexes of each race as well. I like their costume, very dynamic, and the color tones are nice.


  2. Nice,

    the shoulder gold, ring, “extension” dont fit. looks like armor
    same as gold, segmented, sleeves => torso red bandage is fine

    it is too aggressive – the hand “come at me, bro” gesture. claws.
    dont look too diplomatic with this detail.

    female Mrrshan despise jewelry?


    1. Considering what the Mrrshans were infamous for in the original (picking fights with everyone and routinely ending up the galaxy’s pariahs), I think the armor and aggressiveness is fitting.


  3. if you cover her left arm – her body language is saying “I’m telling you this is a good deal!”
    if you cover her right arm : ” Please be my guest. Check what stuff I have for you”

    both are very good.
    by cover I mean, let the arm hangs along the body.

    Also she should has red sleeves similar to the tunics style + I would like the center gold zip to be smaller, less exhibit.

    and fancy, small bracelet on one of her hand will add her: female, diplomatic[i’m here to speak] and individual [i’m not like others] identity.
    Or maybe ring in one ear.

    yes, if there is some new UI, I would love to comment on something else than fashion statements. 🙂


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