Mockup for new Technology UI

After a bit of work with the graphic designer, here is the revamped version of the technology UI.  The biggest improvement is creating a visual representation of each of the six tech ladders in the game.

All of the data on this screen is test data… not real-game data.

7 thoughts on “Mockup for new Technology UI”

  1. Holy shit. That is one sexy tech screen. Does this mean it will be possible to switch what tech you’re researching? Or is it just to show what tech were available previously/on the current level? What does the -100RP represent on “Improved Robotic Controls III”?


  2. You can’t currently switch researched techs, although you will also see this screen (and selecting the tech) when you are prompted to select a new technology.

    The “-100 RP” means that you only need 100 more RP to start having a chance to discover it. We went back and forth on whether the “-” was needed.


  3. Looks good, though I have some texts that are really long and might have to change, but I work around it I suppose.
    I had the same problem with usage of “-” at some points for other cases(still do aaof). Also consider “@”and “~” for that imo.


  4. Nice job! Definitely one of the better-looking research/technology screens I’ve seen in a 4x/strategy game. Looking forward to the actual rendering.


  5. very good.
    I ducking love Maximum info on one screen.

    1. how would be present traded tech?
    2. yellow color of currently research are too aggressive. Compare to other well toned colors of the game.
    3. if you go for GRP for tech: how would it be implemented? circle pic?

    Maybe I dont get the full idea behind the UI:
    a. its divided by tiers => so i need to scroll over old tiers later?
    b. why do i need to know about not-chosen research patch?

    how about:
    ON LEFT: main screen with all possess tech (self study or trade). green frame color. scrollable in late game. dont show alternative patch from past.
    ON RIGHT: main screen 6x currently study project.
    on the BOTTOM: clickable filter to show/hide known advances {green frame}


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