Mrrshan Diplomat, unfinished but colored

For those interested in progress on the Mrrshan diplomat, here’s a colorized version. Still a few details missing, but it gives you a good idea.

There are a lot of intentional visual cues taken from the original MOO1 Mrrshan, which I consider to be probably the most iconic alien from the original series.

Space Game Junkie Podcast on 5/23

I would like to let everyone know that I will be the guest host on the Space Game Junkie podcast on Tuesday, May 23rd. The podcast starts at 7:30 pm Central time (5:30pm Pacific, 8:30 pm Eastern).

When it starts. you should be able to listen to it live here:

If you miss it live, I’ll post a link to the permanent audio when it’s completed.

There will undoubtedly be a lot of discussion about the history of this project, future plans, and my opinions on game design. If Remnants is something you are interested in, I hope you will listen to and enjoy the podcast.

I know this sounds like a conceit, but I do think Remnants is really going to be a great game when it’s finished. Not because of me, but because of both the proven, classic design I am following (MOO1) and the exemplary talents of the various professionals who are modernizing the artwork, user interface, music, writing and translations. They are doing the real creative work while I am just gluing it all together with code.

But as an indie project, it’s hard to convince people that the game is going to be different and stand out from the crowd of space 4X games already on the market. Not only will it have to fight for attention with AAA titles, but from dozens of indie titles as well.

And as a free game, I also have to overcome the reflexive stigma that “free” means either it’s crappy or filled with ads. Neither of those reasons are true. Remnants is free because I can afford for it to be free and I do not want the project to be undermined by commercial concerns that plague every other game. For example, I don’t have any deadlines and can wait for all of the pieces to be finished and bug-free before I go gold.

So when a gaming website like Space Game Junkie notices the game and is willing to promote it on a podcast, I appreciate it! There is absolutely no financial gain in this project for me and I don’t have the deep pockets of an actual game studio, so whatever help I receive on getting the word out about this project is very helpful.

And a special thanks again to everyone who has already volunteered to playtest an unfinished and unpolished game to provide valuable feedback.

Early Mrrshan Diplomat & Setup UI progress

I should have posted this yesterday but was too short of time. Here is an early version of the upcoming Mrrshan diplomat:

In addition, I was able to finish the revamped version of the Race selection portion of the Setup UI. Below are two examples of what it looks like now, in both color variations. I should have the “Galaxy Setup” portion of it done in a few days, and our graphic designer is now plotting out her changes for the Tech UI!