Quick update on the Mrrshan Alpha 3.5

The next alpha “3.5” release will contain the Mrrshan and some other updates. There is still a lot of Mrrshan artwork to be done, but it’s moving along. In addition, the backstory lore for the Mrrshan is in active work.

On the UI front, the Load/Save Game UIs have been revamped and work will start on the Setup UIs next. While I’m waiting on that design work, I’ll being starting on the Ship Combat tactical map (auto-mode only) later this week.

On the Translation front, the Greek translation has been completed!

For performance issues, I’ve been restructuring some inefficient object models which should help performance a bit. I’ve also tracked down and fixed some performance issues with the Next Turn processing. There’s one tester who had some really large saved games that were taking 4-5 minutes for processing — those all take about 2-3 seconds now  🙂

And speaking of saved games, that same tester found a serious problem with my approach to creating saved game files in the Alpha 3. Basically, any error with a saved game file is essentially undebuggable by me. For a developer, that’s a really bad place to be in! As a result, I will be rewriting this part of the game completely once I settle on a new save game format.

We are several months away from the Mrrshan alpha, but every week is a week closer.


Languages of the Precursors

Remnants is already seeing tangible results from multiple translation efforts! This is something very exciting to me because one of the reasons I am making this game for free is to ensure that this “modernized MOO1” reaches the largest possible audience. Translations into other languages contributes greatly towards that goal.

I’m not selecting the languages. Instead, dedicated fans are volunteering to take on the stupendous task of translating 15000 words, give or take a few thousand… and growing as more content is written.

A translation to Chinese, Japanese are Korean would be great to see the text in a pictographic format. Or Farsi, which is very artistic (although switching R to L might make this impractical in the short term).

Below are 3 different language variations for the same game same turn. Please note that these screenshots are from the next Alpha to be released when the Mrrshan race is complete.