Away from the internet

My apologies to everyone following this project, but I have been pulled away for a family emergency to take care of my mother. I am out of town and have taken a Family Medical Leave of Absence from work and my ability to connect to the internet is currently spotty.

After a few weeks, I may find time to resume work on the project, but the other activities (art & writing) should continue without problems.

Still on the search for translators

Polish, Greek, Spanish and Russian are in various stages of completion.

Foreign language translation remains an important component of this project. If you are interesting in doing a translation effort for Remnants, please do not hesitate to contact me at


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sorry about that whole Facebook thing

Just so everyone can be aware, I am ending the short-lived experiment in maintaining an “official” Facebook page for this project. I started it a few weeks ago because Petar, the artist, uses Facebook. Even though I am very much an online privacy advocate, I’d hoped I could set up a page with no personal info.

Literally within 2 minutes of creating the account, Facebook hilariously suspended the page due to “suspicious activity”. To be able to log in, they needed my phone #. I almost walked away then, but picked a random Google Voice # and that worked!

Then maybe a week later, they gave me the same complaint. They locked my account due to “suspicious activity” and wanted another confirmation text. The Google Voice # worked again.

Now tonight they’ve locked my account for a third time but are demanding I send them a picture of my face in order to access it. Well, I googled some random face and sent that to them and apparently real people are going to check it out. If it works, I will be deleting the FB page. If it doesn’t work, it will remain there, locked and untouched, as a testimony to the intrusiveness of organizations like Facebook.

Hey, I gave it a shot.

new Ship Design UIs

The revamp for the Ship Design UI is largely complete and the images below will give you an idea of my target while I work on this over the next two weeks. This is the last UI revamp scheduled for the upcoming Alpha 4. All that remains to be done now is the unfinished Mrrshan artwork and combat death animations for the 8 races. So, yeah. It’ll probably be ready sometime in August.

I’ll try to describe what each of these images represent. Please keep in mind that there are already minor changes to these images planned. They are not final, but pretty close.

There is going to be a notion of ship design templates to allow players to try out different designs (and save them) without committing them to a design slot. We might eventually expand this to a cross-game functionality, but there are a lot of thorny details that have to be worked out first.

Displaying an existing ship design.

ship design_view design-01


Confirmation to scrap an existing design

ship design_scrap design-01


Creating a new design for one of the available design slots

ship design_create design-01


Naming a new design when choosing to create it

ship design_save design-01


Making a template from a display design or template

ship design_make template-01


Loading a saved design template

ship design_load template-01


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Join the Release 2.0 planning discussions

Even though it’s over a year away, I’ve decided to start a round of discussions in the Remnants subreddit at to start the long and exciting process of scoping out the expected changes.

The long list starts here: but one topic will be discussed in detail each week. I encourage anyone who follows the project and is interested in the long-term direction of the game after the 1.0 release to join the discussions and let your voice be heard.

I’ll let you guys in on a secret… I’m still a little new at this, especially the “community building” part, and am doing everything I can to make sure that the result of all of this work is the best space 4X game possible.