The Roadmap: “Pick Two”

There is a truism in the software industry that undoubtedly applies to many other industries as well: “You can have it cheap, quick or good — pick two”

Every MOO1 fan who is interested in this project, and especially me, has been waiting 24 years and counting for a remake like this. I know that it kind of sucks that I am the only guy who has been willing to bite the bullet, open up his wallet, and make this game a reality but somebody has to be that guy. I guess it’s me.

My full-time job as a software developer is funding this project and I’m not asking for anyone’s money. That means I can only work part-time on it and also that I don’t have the financial capability to fund a team of artists and developers to flip this game in 6-9 months. If we want this game to be worth the wait, then it is going to take longer than we’d all like. I guess another truism is that good things always take a long time.

Fortunately, I have been blessed to find a talented artist, writer and graphic designer to professionally do the things I am not good at, which is everything except writing code. In the end, it will be worth the wait. This game is the only one I will ever make, so it is not going to be some random indie effort where the dev gets in over his head and gives up, or runs out of Kickstarter money and disappears in shame, or rushes to make a deadline and delivers a crappy product. This is going to end up as a really good, if not great, 4X game. I mean, it is literally going to be a modernized recreation of what is arguably the best space 4X game ever made. You can choose to disbelieve now if you want, but I fully intend to prove you wrong!

The completely optional boxed set is going to exist because I am not really a big fan of leasing content, nor of purchasing content that is only available through online access. I believe that if you purchase a game, you should have some physical object (i.e. a boxed set) that you can pull out and install on any random PC at any point in the future, with no requirement that you have an internet connection and a valid account with a 3rd party like Steam. I just need to work out whatever terms are necessary with to make sure they don’t feel it infringes on their intellectual property — something I’ve conspicuously tried to avoid in the game so far.

Anyway, please stick with the project. Wait it out and especially get the word out to those MOO1 fans who haven’t heard of it yet — I hope they will thank you. Most importantly, enjoy the Alphas as we progress to the final version.  I’m trying to be as transparent as possible, and the Alphas are my promise to you that I know what I’m doing. As both a developer and a gamer, this project has already given me a tremendous amount of satisfaction and I want to be sure that everyone who plays the game enjoys playing it as much as I am enjoying making it.

9 thoughts on “The Roadmap: “Pick Two””

  1. There are two thing’s I’m looking forward to: Seeing the new Wonder Woman movie and playing the final version of your game!


  2. I never thought that quirky Java MOO I downloaded a long time ago off some guys site would turn into the first real MOO1 remake with such high quality.

    I doubt they’d allow digital distribution, but I should point out that does allow a permanant DRM-free download unlike Steam/etc. Bet they wouldn’t mind a “free” game on there!

    PS – PBM ever coming?


    1. You probably mean payed for boxed set distribution as currently own MoO series rights) already allows digital distribution and so far it is digitally distributed. But not so sure about that.

      If anything, it’s partially free advertisement for them to have this running, plus, since he’s been spending from his own pocket, they might come to an agreement, e.g. “you can sell up to ‘X’ amount of copies for collector’s purposes or to break even with expenses made.” or something.

      Imo, let’s allow him to make the bargaining and not come to conclusions beforehand though.


  3. Ray,
    thank you a lot for your effort! MOO1 is the best game I played in my life, and I keep on being a big fan of it since I discovered it in 1996. MOO2 was also very good, but not that great anymore – it seems that the planetary sliders do make a big difference 🙂
    The schedule you posted on the blog is detailed and, as far as I can tell being a software guy myself, ambitious but realistic. I believe most MOO1 fans like me prefer to wait longer, but get a great game at the end. We had enough bad remakes of MOO1 already. Please continue your great work and don’t worry about being complete later.
    I love your idea of releasing the code. This will allow other people to develop extensions, such as e.g. AI mods.

    Best regards,
    Slawek_D the Klackon


  4. Come to think of it Ray, if you bump into problems with it, you could always come up with a Kickstarter that has as a return the boxed set if someone pays the amount you’d sell it for, upon completion of the project. The reason that would be legitimate is to pay for artist and general expenses for the game. This is customary for fan projects, as is probably well known and would probably be allowed.


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