New Tech UI completed

Here is the newly redesigned Tech UI. It has all of the information of the previous, plus a little more, PLUS it has a nice, draggable, visual tree for each of the technology domains.

I’m very happy not just with the way it looks, but how it is much easier to navigate and use than the original Tech UI. In this particular screenshot, you can easily see which technologies have been learned, which are available, and which is currently being studied along with all of the RP costs for each one. You can drag the tree left or right to see more or less advance techs (or use the arrow keys).

You can mousewheel not just over the sliders as before, but also through the six technology domains.

I’ll probably make a short video tomorrow night detailing a lot of the UI changes that have already been made in preparation for the next Alpha, sometime in July.


Well, it’s almost completed… I need to still draw some connecting arrows between the technology tiers, but that’s purely cosmetic.


7 thoughts on “New Tech UI completed”

  1. Nice.. Also the researching status being a planet shaped bar. That’s interesting, I can’t recall seeing it in another game, off of the top of my head.


  2. Would be nice if a miniaturize version of this tech tree is view able within the diplomatic screen when tech trade is discussed.


  3. In MOO, the tech was somewhat randomized and not every race got every option(and the Psilons got more options than others). Is that still going to be the case? It was a nice touch, I thought, when you realized the game was not going to give you the 4-parsec range tech to research. That radically changed the game when you missed out on an early range tech.

    Is the tech tree going to reflect that for the player, or does everyone get a chance at every tech now? Or is the tech tree divorced from the tech randomization, so that the tech will show on the tree, but you just can’t research it?

    Tech tree looks great by the way–it took me a little while to realize that one of the techs was at the bottom of the screen on that screenshot. I didn’t understand that until I watched the new video, where you are moving the tech lines around the screen.


    1. The tech tree will still be limited as in the original game, but with the Psilons getting more options.

      Techs that are not available for you will not show up in the tree.


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