new Ship Design UIs

The revamp for the Ship Design UI is largely complete and the images below will give you an idea of my target while I work on this over the next two weeks. This is the last UI revamp scheduled for the upcoming Alpha 4. All that remains to be done now is the unfinished Mrrshan artwork and combat death animations for the 8 races. So, yeah. It’ll probably be ready sometime in August.

I’ll try to describe what each of these images represent. Please keep in mind that there are already minor changes to these images planned. They are not final, but pretty close.

There is going to be a notion of ship design templates to allow players to try out different designs (and save them) without committing them to a design slot. We might eventually expand this to a cross-game functionality, but there are a lot of thorny details that have to be worked out first.

Displaying an existing ship design.

ship design_view design-01


Confirmation to scrap an existing design

ship design_scrap design-01


Creating a new design for one of the available design slots

ship design_create design-01


Naming a new design when choosing to create it

ship design_save design-01


Making a template from a display design or template

ship design_make template-01


Loading a saved design template

ship design_load template-01


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5 thoughts on “new Ship Design UIs”

  1. looks great!

    does the size and space was meld into one? I dont understand how those stats work now.

    I would like to have clickable button for each size of ship, not scrollable with tiny arrows.

    Also I’m very fond of random name generator. [cause i usually end with “aaasda” or “DeadColony”, which is not very imaginative]


    1. Yes, “Size” and “Space” were redundant. All the player ever really needed to consider was Space.

      Size = Size of the component you’ve selected
      Space = Size + the size of any engines required to power it.

      Since you can never add a component without adding the engines required to support it, the “Size” field was completely unnecessary


    2. I don’t think it’s tiny. Remember that the end product takes up at least 3/4 of your screen, so it should be larger than what’s seen here(comparable to, say, planetary industrial allocation scrollbars). It’s a MoO thing which the game is about. Are you playing it on a laptop or something? Doesn’t seem to be that hard to click otherwise..

      Also, what you now see in game is not that much of a random name generator, but rather an in game name proposal from a fixed list that isn’t endless. Just there to help in case you don’t feel like giving your own derived name(I’m guessing for immersion purposes) or don’t want to be troubled with it. I’ve talked to Ray about it and he felt that most players will replace those with their own anyway.

      Ray since the issue of having to imagine ship names is up, do you think the list can grow? Like the way it’s done in the Empire Leaders selection? I have a few that I would like to add to the Greek version, if that was possible(coding/time-wise, since it’s up to you to do such stuff so obviously your choice).


      1. i very often change ship size. to check which size is best with current set of equipment.
        its more comfortable to click separate button once, than scroll – clicking. IDK maybe i’m wrong and mousewheel size would be more handy, would need to check.
        mousewheel to adjust f.ex number of weapons is ok. currently you can also mousewheel to select some device, but you can not confirm without clicking it (you can press enter), so its kinda pointless

        the list of names is even better than the generator 🙂


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