sorry about that whole Facebook thing

Just so everyone can be aware, I am ending the short-lived experiment in maintaining an “official” Facebook page for this project. I started it a few weeks ago because Petar, the artist, uses Facebook. Even though I am very much an online privacy advocate, I’d hoped I could set up a page with no personal info.

Literally within 2 minutes of creating the account, Facebook hilariously suspended the page due to “suspicious activity”. To be able to log in, they needed my phone #. I almost walked away then, but picked a random Google Voice # and that worked!

Then maybe a week later, they gave me the same complaint. They locked my account due to “suspicious activity” and wanted another confirmation text. The Google Voice # worked again.

Now tonight they’ve locked my account for a third time but are demanding I send them a picture of my face in order to access it. Well, I googled some random face and sent that to them and apparently real people are going to check it out. If it works, I will be deleting the FB page. If it doesn’t work, it will remain there, locked and untouched, as a testimony to the intrusiveness of organizations like Facebook.

Hey, I gave it a shot.


6 thoughts on “sorry about that whole Facebook thing”

  1. lol, I am a non conformist and subscribe to the Grotcho Marx rule. If the club would have me in, I do not want to be in it. That surely goes for Facebook.


  2. As a social media(Facebook/twitter/Insta), non user(too many rules and not enough privacy or customization for my liking), I salute your decision. If it doesn’t work, I think you can have people to report it so it gets deleted, which would be best imo, else people might think you’re not updating the project if they just see it and not look much into details(which as strange as it sounds, does happen and I’ve seen it before).

    FYI I’ve deleted my facebook page and people tell me it’s still visible for some reason(which I really don’t like. Imo, they should do an annual check and if you don’t reply they should close the account anyway, else it’s just kept for the numbers, which considering they “supposedly” don’t like double+ accounts and try to close these, I find it hypocritical to retain others that the user closed down themselves).


  3. Evan, there’s a difference between deactivating your account and permanently deleting it. Conveniently for FB, only the option to deactivate is shown on the settings menu. I basically had to google for the delete link, but I believe it’s this one:

    My friends reported that everything from my profile vanished after I deleted it. FB doesn’t even recognize my old e-mail anymore.


    1. Great, I’ll have that in mind. Dunno if I remember my pass and all after all this time, but if I’ll come to it, I’ll know what to do now!

      Yeah, it figures it wouldn’t recognize it, since you’re not registered any longer. Good find.


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