Away from the internet

My apologies to everyone following this project, but I have been pulled away for a family emergency to take care of my mother. I am out of town and have taken a Family Medical Leave of Absence from work and my ability to connect to the internet is currently spotty.

After a few weeks, I may find time to resume work on the project, but the other activities (art & writing) should continue without problems.

9 thoughts on “Away from the internet”

  1. Hope the best for your mother, may she get well soon. We can all understand family must come first. Good luck, no apologies are necessary.. thanks for all you are doing!!! Roger


  2. Hey Ray. Just saw this. Thoughts, prayers, good vibes (whatever gives you the most comfort) are all on the way. You’re a good man and your mother must have done quite a bit right. Hope she gets better soon.


  3. Here’s hoping for a speedy recovery for your mother. The people in your life always comes before fun. We understand.


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