Add French to the list

This is exciting! Another translator has joined the team and will soon begin work on a French translation. That raises the language count for the game to 8:

  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Greek
  • Hungarian
  • Polish
  • Russian
  • Spanish

Not too shabby! I have yet to turn down an offer for language translation but then again no one has offered Elvish or Klingon. If you do not see your native language on this list and would like to see Remnants in your language, don’t hesitate to contact me at

When all is said and done, Remnants will be the most-played space 4X game on the planet so let’s make sure that language is not a barrier.


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Mrrshan Introduction

I know we’ve been lean on the Mrrshan artwork recently, but Petar has been away from the internet for over a week and toiling in obscurity. However, he is very close to being done with the Mrrshan work. After Alpha 4 is out and debugged, we start work on Alpha 5 which will include…. TACTICAL SHIP COMBAT! I’m very excited for this step because the game will feel functionally complete at that point.

Here is a screenshot of the Mrrshan introduction screen:


Enjoy the artwork! Enjoy the lore!

I’m just happy to be back home so I can resume work on the project.


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Alpha 4 is targeted for September 1st

All of the text for Alpha 4 is complete and I’ve just sent the updated files to the translators. We currently have six translators now, so the game is now sitting at 7 planned languages upon release

  • English
  • German
  • Greek
  • Hungarian
  • Polish
  • Russian
  • Spanish

These translations are in various stages of work (3 just added recently) so not all will be available in Alpha 4.

Petar has most of the Mrrshan artwork done but is lacking an internet connection. Once I see the files, there’s probably another week or two to do the animations.

Because of the recent personal issues that have consumed over a month of my time, I decided to cut back on some of the planned changes for Alpha 4 rather than pushing the date back. Those changes will obviously be top priority for Alpha 5!

Here are the changes in Alpha 4:

  • Mrrshan race added
  • Additional language translations
  • Rework ship combat UI to prepare for Alpha 5, when tactical combat will be added
  • Galaxy Selection UI revamped
  • Race Selection UI revamped
  • Technology UI revamped
  • Load/Save Game UIs revamped
  • User preference changes now persist between games
  • Game data structures revamped drastically for efficiency – ALPHA 3 SAVED GAMES WILL NOT WORK
  • Various bugs fixed, including:
    • Mouse buttons > 3 ignored
    • Cost for Battle Computer I fixed
    • Next Turn times improved
    • Factories remembered when colony destroyed
    • Detect orbiting enemy ships when player has ships in same orbit

Anyway, I will spend the next month finishing up some items that need to be finished. Polishing and preparing. As with every Alpha, I expect there to be a lot of ugly bugs found right away, but the whole thing should stabilize fairly quickly.


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wow, it’s been six weeks

Although I am still out of town, caring for my mother, things have finally settled down enough so that I finally feel comfortable sitting down and working on the code again.

I’ve created a working placeholder for the Mrrshan race, copied from the existing Alkari race, but with all of the game stats for the Mrrshan. From here I can easily add artwork and writing to the race as they are created by Petar and Jeff, and slowly watch this placeholder race transform completely from the Alkari to the Mrrshan.

When I committed these code changes I realized that, with the exception of a small commit for animation fps, I have not actually made a code change in six weeks. The last 4 weeks have been due to this medical emergency, and the week before that was because I was out of town at a business conference.

I do try to take a 1-2 month break from the project about twice/year to avoid burnout, so I guess this was my break! Petar and Jeff have been working diligently, however, with Jeff mostly finishing up his work for the next alpha. Petar still has some Mrrshan artwork to do, but it’s definitely coming along.

What’s left for me is:

  • incorporating Petar’s Mrrshan artwork and animations into the game (est. 2 weeks)
  • revamping the Ship Design UI per Kaitlin’s spec (she’s the graphic designer)  (est. 2-3 weeks)
  • some cleanup on the ship combat UI (est. 1 week)
  • touching base with the translators and getting their latest work added to the game (est. 2 days)

I really wanted to get death animations for ground combat into this alpha but, because of the delays, I will push this off to the next Alpha.

I would love to tell you that the next alpha will be here in 6 weeks, but I can’t make a firm commitment since there is still a bit of Mrrshan artwork left to complete.


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Mrrshan Council image update

So, I know that blog updates have been infrequent lately but I am in my 3rd week (of 4 total) of being out of town to care for my mom which has obviously put a crimp in my ability to write code.

However, we are a multiple-person team and progress is still being made. Despite a lot of time-consuming artistic rework, Petar has settled on the background look for the Mrrshan Council image (see below). In addition, Jeff has completed the advisor text for the Mrrshan as well as the introduction, all of which will be headed to the translators late next week when I get back.

The July-August Alpha 4 has had to officially “slip” a month due to the recent medical emergency, but that’s a small price to pay for having to heed much higher priorities in life.

Here’s Petar’s artistic background for the Mrrshan Galactic Council. AMAZING!


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