2.0 discussion – Breadbasket Worlds

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One thought on “2.0 discussion – Breadbasket Worlds”

  1. Ray, what I think you need to address in 2.0 (perhaps even in 1.0) are improvements to the slides mechanics. I always thought that the idea of slides used in MoO1 was great and I was outraged that it was ditched in MoO2 instead of improved upon. Yes, even back then I considered it in need of serious improvement so you can imagine how I feel over 20 years later seeing them unchanged. I hope that for 1.0 you at least add automatic changes to values of slides based on logic used by AIs (basically, optional governors that players could influence in certain directions). For something more involved I would suggest an idea I call: Dynamic Marks of Meaningful Choices. What is it? It’s the idea of marks seen on first glance of slides (or on hovering cursor over them) that could help players to make choices, eg. on the environmental slide (all numbers are exemplary):
    0% – shows Waste+2
    100% – shows Pop+10
    and several values between them such as Clean, Pop+2, Pop+5, Pop+7… (how many such marks? Between 3 or 5 should be enough, I think)
    These marks should not be fixed but dynamic from turn to turn, including terraforming when needed. Players should of course be able to choose values outside of marks in case they think they know better what is meaningful for them at the moment.


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