wow, it’s been six weeks

Although I am still out of town, caring for my mother, things have finally settled down enough so that I finally feel comfortable sitting down and working on the code again.

I’ve created a working placeholder for the Mrrshan race, copied from the existing Alkari race, but with all of the game stats for the Mrrshan. From here I can easily add artwork and writing to the race as they are created by Petar and Jeff, and slowly watch this placeholder race transform completely from the Alkari to the Mrrshan.

When I committed these code changes I realized that, with the exception of a small commit for animation fps, I have not actually made a code change in six weeks. The last 4 weeks have been due to this medical emergency, and the week before that was because I was out of town at a business conference.

I do try to take a 1-2 month break from the project about twice/year to avoid burnout, so I guess this was my break! Petar and Jeff have been working diligently, however, with Jeff mostly finishing up his work for the next alpha. Petar still has some Mrrshan artwork to do, but it’s definitely coming along.

What’s left for me is:

  • incorporating Petar’s Mrrshan artwork and animations into the game (est. 2 weeks)
  • revamping the Ship Design UI per Kaitlin’s spec (she’s the graphic designer)  (est. 2-3 weeks)
  • some cleanup on the ship combat UI (est. 1 week)
  • touching base with the translators and getting their latest work added to the game (est. 2 days)

I really wanted to get death animations for ground combat into this alpha but, because of the delays, I will push this off to the next Alpha.

I would love to tell you that the next alpha will be here in 6 weeks, but I can’t make a firm commitment since there is still a bit of Mrrshan artwork left to complete.


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One thought on “wow, it’s been six weeks”

  1. Don’t worry about the six weeks, real life happens. It’s good to hear that there’s upcoming progress! Looking forward to seeing it.


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