Alpha 4.03 is in the house

Alpha 4.03 is in the house. A few more bugs were found and fixed, but a lot of visual tweaks and polish were suggested and made. Thanks again to the amazing efforts of all of testers! You can download the latest version from this link:

Newer version available

Remember that you can report bugs and discuss the game on Reddit at


Bug Fixes

Rally Points – rally points were causing ships to arrive one turn too late. Fixed.

Scrapping Missile Bases – lowering the missile base limit for a colony will now properly scrap bases when Next Turn is pressed.

Internal Security – the cost for Internal Security has been corrected.

Load Games – highlighted saved games that were not selected were not loading when the “Load Game” button was clicked. Fixed.

Retreating Fleets – fleets that are retreating from combat can no longer be “Undeployed” back to the system they are in, nor can they be redeployed to unfriendly or uncolonized systems.

Game Taking Mouse/Keyboard Focus – a bug with the game taking keyboard and mouse focus when behind other windows has been fixed.

No Council Meeting During Final War – a bug which allowed Galactic Council meetings to start after Final War had been declared has been fixed.

Colony Maintenance Costs – maintenance costs for missile bases will now be charged to each colony based on its production level, not its number of missile bases. This makes this expense work consistently with other types of maintenance expenses.


User Interface Improvements

Tech screen – when selecting a tech category on this screen, the display will automatically be centered on the technology that you are currently researching.

Next Turn disabling – when returning to the Main screen, the Next Turn button is temporarily disabled (1 sec) to avoid accidentally clicking on it when double-clicking on the Exit button from the previous screen.

Diplomatic Message – the hitbox for selecting a diplomatic reply has been widened to the entire highlighted width. In addition, each reply is now numbered and can be selected by keystroke.

Fleet screen – flight paths for transports will now display properly.

Ship Combat Screen – when combat is finished, clicking the Next button or anywhere else will dismiss the screen and resume the turn.

Scouting & Colonization prompts – the font sizes for the system information has been increased to improve readability.

Colony Information panel – star systems underneath the colony information panel will no longer trigger mouse hovering behavior. Annoying!

Next Turn Status message – the year/turn number for this message will properly show the upcoming year and not the current year.

Colony Spending Prompt – the hitbox for the “Finish” button on this prompt has been expanded to the entire size of the prompt if there is only a single colony to adjust spending for (meaning there are no “Previous” and “Next” buttons to click)

Empire Ship Range Display – the colors to represent empire ship ranges have been brightened to be more visible

Fleet screen Filter Check Boxes – the check boxes for the Fleet screen filters have been enlarged to make it easier to click on them

This was a big list today, but I am heartened that a lot of these fixes a mostly polish and the actual bugs are minor and/or fairly obscure.


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