Alpha 4.04 is here early

But first, check out this awesome screenshot. Petar has me in awe. Is there any doubt that this is a beautiful game?


Alpha 4.04 is here earlier than expected. Normally I try to keep patches to one/day but will make an exception for a serious bug. One was reported, and I was convinced that it was caused in patch 4.03. It wasn’t, but still needed to be fixed! You can download the latest version from this link:

A newer version should be available

Remember that you can report bugs and discuss the game on Reddit at

What’s fixed

Next Turn lockup – there was a problem with behind-the-scenes ship combat during Next Turn where fleets weren’t retreating and never allowing combat to end. This problem exists in all of the Alpha 4 versions and is related to the data restructuring I did very shortly after Alpha 3 was done. The problem is fixed now

GNN Expansion Notification – this state wasn’t being stored in saved games so you’d re-receive the various expansion notifications when loading games. Fixed.

Next Turn disable timer – after some feedback, lowered the delay from 1 second to 750 ms, but I’m uncomfortable going lower than that.

That’s all for this super-quick patch. Mainly I wanted to get a fix for the Next Turn lockup since that is game-breaking.

Discuss on Reddit:

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