Alpha 4.05 is ready for action

First, check out this screenshot from a player’s game. It is the prompt a player receives during “next turn” when he has the opportunity to bombard an enemy planet.


Alpha 4.05 is ready for action. A pretty obscure bug was found and fixed, bu, but most changes were quality-of-life changes. You can download the latest version from this link:

Newer version available

Remember that you can report bugs and discuss the game on Reddit at

What’s fixed

Scrapping Design bug – if you had selected a fleet on the map and then scrapped its design on the Design screen, returning to the map could cause an error. The map now automatically deselects any selected fleets when you leave the map. Problem solved!

Ship Design – the space and cost for all ship components are now whole integers. This prevents some confusion on the Design UI due to rounding.

Sending Transports – when sending transports to another colony, you can now see the population of the sending colony as well. Useful.

Race Embassy – on the Race UI, the A & C keys have been added as shortcuts for the “Audience” and “Contact” buttons, respectively.

Bombardment prompt – some font sizes on this prompt have been increased to improve readability.

It was another quiet day, which I hope is still a good sign. Thanks everyone again for testing!

Discuss on Reddit:


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