Alpha 4.06 is fashionably late

But first, look at this beautiful screenshot of the Galactic Council vote in the Psilon Senate!


Alpha 4.06 is now available. I had a long list of minor bugs and cosmetic items to address. I didn’t get them all, but I did get most. You can download the new version here:


Newer version available

Remember that you can report bugs and discuss the game on Reddit at

What’s fixed

Races screen – lots of visual cleanup here. In addition, the “last voted for” field will now correctly show an empire’s last vote in the galactic council.

GNN Expansion notification – my “fix” in an earlier patch turned this off completely. It’s now fixed better.

Sabotage alerts – players will now get sabotage alerts for all successful attempts at sabotage their factories and bases, even if they don’t know which empire the saboteurs belong to. Previously, these unknown saboteurs could only be inferred by factories or bases just randomly dropping in a colony. Now you know…

Clicking on the Next Turn button – this was possible to do on the Intro screen when starting the game, but no longer.

Ground Combat crashes – this was tracked down to inefficient memory use with the sounds playing during the battle. Until I have a fix for this, I have disabled sound effects during ground combat.

All races were economists – all races will now pursue other objectives, not just economics

Load/Save Game screens – the button behavior on these screens is more consistent now. In addition, clicking on a saved game (when saving) will load filename for editing.

Transport flight paths – these were being draw on the map even if the player did not have the technology to see them. Fixed.

Fleet slowdown warning – when a fleet’s travel speed is reduce to warp 1 due to traveling through a nebula, the Fleet panel will now show a message to that effect.

Departing fleets – you can now see the destination and ETA for your departing fleets

Ship Weapons – if you create a new ship design with zero count for one of the weapons, it will be removed from the design when you create it

Selected fleets – ship counts will be returned to full on selected fleets if you leave the map and come back.

Scrapped designs – there was a situation where a colony would be making a scrapped ship design and you were unable to change it. This has been fixed.

It was a busy day and a lot got done. Thanks again to everyone who has been testing!


Discuss on Reddit:


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