Alpha 4.07 slips in quietly

But first, here’s a new screenshot from a player game. This one is the colony list of the Psilon empire. Unlike the original game, the colums are all sorted and you can update colony spending from this screen. Plus it looks a lot cooler!


Alpha 4.07 is now available. This was almost a “night off” for me as I only wanted to spend an hour or so working on the game. You can download the latest version from this link:


Newer version uploaded

Remember that you can report bugs and discuss the game on Reddit at

What’s fixed

32-bit JVM support – lowered the used memory in these situations from 1600M to 1200M. Apparently 1600 is too high for some 32-bit systems. Thanks for the tester feedback on something that unfortunately I cannot test personally!

Ship Design names – the design name is now capped to 16 characters and font sizes are scaled appropriately where needed to make sure the name is displayed properly.

Deploying Fleets – I’ve tried to streamline fleet deployment even more to make it “scale” better with larger fleets. First of all, the ship counts will show in the format of “xxx/yyy” when you are sending subfleets. So if you have 15 scouts in a system and want to send 1 away, the stack quantity will show “1/15”.

In addition, whenever you split off a subfleet, the numbers of ships will be remembered. For example, let’s say you have 5 scouts, 3 fighters and a colony ship on your homeworld and you want to send the scouts off to 5 nearby planets. You would set your ship counts to Scout: 1/5, Fighter 0/3, and Colony Ship 0/1. Now when you deploy the scout, the ship counts will say 1/4, 0/3 and 0/1, allowing you to easily deploy another scout without having to reset the quantities for the other stacks.

There are some other issues reported by testers that I have not had a chance to look at yet, but they are not forgotten. I needed a short night!

Thanks again!

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