Alpha 4.08 is ready

But first, here’s a screenshot of the Psilon GNN News Service announcing the formation of the Galactic Council to vote for the first time.


Alpha 4.08 is now available. A few more bugs were found and fixed, but most were relatively minor You can download the latest version from this link:

Newer version available

Remember that you can report bugs and discuss the game on Reddit at

What’s fixed

Rally Points – these will now display when reloading a saved game. You can now single-click to set these. Also, their color has changed to be more purplish as in MOO1.

Retreating Fleets – the Fleet panel is now very clear about restricting where retreating fleets can be sent (only to friendly colonies).

Planets screen Notes – a bug introduced in 4.07 preventing you from entering notes for colonies has been fixed.

I had to rush to get these fixes in as tonight is our D&D night. What a nerd!

Discuss on Reddit

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