Challenge – Tweets of the Precursors

There are a million indie games out there, making it very difficult for any individual game to get noticed. I’ve got a twitter account @PretendStudios but my experience with twitter has thus far been underwhelming.

This is where you can help. If you have played Remnants of the Precursors enough to have developed an opinion on it, GOOD OR BAD, feel free to express it in 130 characters or less and I will blast it out unfiltered to the twittersphere for the world to see in the form of “your comment” – your Reddit handle. Just don’t use any profanity or insult other games or people. You can insult me, of course. I’m a big boy.

Honestly, my opinion of the game ultimately doesn’t count for much because I am the developer. I’m basically the grunt with a vision who hopefully hears well enough to listen to feedback. But gamers who have played it? That’s a lot more credible.


Post your tweet on Reddit:

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