Alpha 4.09b is out

But first, here’s a screenshot of the Bulrathi making a cool discovery of a technology on an artifact planet early in the game:


Alpha 4.09b is now available. I think there are a few quality of life improvements here that everyone will like, as well as a couple of bug fixes. You can download the latest version from this link:

New version is available

Remember that you can report bugs and discuss the game on Reddit at

What’s fixed

Negative Population – a error calculating planet waste was causing some AI planets to show a negative population. Fixed. Saved games will have these planets corrected when reloaded.

Ship Combat Not Triggering – actually combat WAS triggering and the AI fleets were retreating. However, the AI FleetCommander logic was not respecting the “retreat” and reassigning the ships back to the planet. Oops!

Galactic Council crash – a bug introduced in 4.08 has been fixed.

What’s improved

Ship Combat Next Button – pressing the Next button will now automatically advance combat to the next player ship stack, not the next stack. This keeps you from having to cycle through AI stacks to watch combat.

Ship & Transport Flight paths – when viewing flight paths, non-aggressive enemy fleets (the yellow lines) will not dispay unless you select/hover the fleet or their destination. Aggressive fleets (the red lines) will still always display as well as your own fleets. This should greatly reduce flight path clutter on the Main galaxy map. In addition, a minor fix was made to ensure these lines properly connect to the ships on the map.

I’m glad to get these fixes in. I’ve received feedback from a Raspberry Pi Zero tester and will probably make some changes for that this weekend. Afterwards, I’ll probably start work on Alpha 5 changes along with any other bugs that pop up.


Discuss on Reddit:


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