Alpha 4.10 says hello

But first, here’s a screenshot of a tech trade sent in by a tester showing a font-sizing bug that is fixed in this patch! Look at those tiny fonts!  😀


Alpha 4.10 is now available. I was out of town most of today but did fix 6 reported issues after I returned home tonight. You can download the latest version from this link:

Newer version available

Remember that you can report bugs and discuss the game on Reddit at

What’s fixed

Map Clicking – a problem was reported on difficulty clicking systems on the Sabotage screen. It turns out this was a broader problem involving attempting (and failing) to click on sprites that are being masked from view — such as when you turn off flight path displays. Theoretically, clicking behavior on maps should be improved across the board. Thanks for reporting this bug!

Game crash error – a crash from a bug report was fixed.

Diplomatic Screen font sizing – if you were provided with a lot of diplomatic options, it was possible to see them improperly displayed in a tiny font. This problem has been fixed.

Cloning bug – the first cloning tech was making new colonists for free! One spending tick and your colony was full. Hope you enjoyed that bug while it lasted, because it’s dead now.

High Energy Focus – the ship special for High Energy Focus was showing zero for size, cost and energy required. Obvious bug. Fixed. The range bonus should be working, send me a save if you see it not working.

What’s improved

Ship & Transport Flight paths – the flight path display control on maps now toggles across four options: view all ships & flight paths, view all ships & important flight paths, view ships only, or view no ships/paths at all. In addition, I’ve tried to improve the visibility of the control to better show what state it is currently in.

I love fixing bugs. Thanks again!


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