Alpha 4.15 Jumbo patch is here

But first, here’s a screenshot of the Psilon transport ship landing on what will soon be a Psilon colony!


Alpha 4.15 is now available. I’m calling this a “Jumbo” patch because I pored through all of the tester feedback in the past week to make sure I didn’t miss anything. Of course I did, but it’s a lot less than before! You can download the latest version from

Remember that “go to” place for all discussion and tester reports for the game is on the official subreddit at:


Ship Combat

Health bars – ship stacks have health bars, giving you a quick visual indication of how well the stack is doing compared to start of combat.

Weapon Misses – these are now displayed, as off-center attacks

Bug, Planet disappearing – the planet in ship combat no longer disappears after you’ve destroyed all of its missile bases

Missile movement – the movement rate for missiles is now accurate and visibly tied to the ship they are targeting


Shield Complete message – this is now grammatically correct

Stargates – once a Stargate has completed on a colony, you can no longer select it

Rally Points and Stargates – rally points will now use Stargates if they are in both systems

Deploying ships – for ship counts with extremely large quantities, using the mousewheel to increment/decrement will use larger increments when appropriate to speed up the process


Final War – final war is now declared properly against you if you defy the ruling and techs are shared amongst the New Republic empires. Keep in mind that sometimes one of the AI empires will rebel as well!

Galactic Council – you can now use keystrokes on the Galactic Council prompts, much like the Diplomatic prompts

Third party diplomacy – the option to select the diplomatic option to ask an empire to declare war on a 3rd party has been disabled since this feature is not functional yet

Races screen – you can no longer see an empire’s trade status with other empires, just their treaty status

Races screen Status listing – this is now the default view when entering the Races screen, and the percentage totals for each of the bars is shown. When looking at the Population totals, this might be a good way to tell if another race is close to a diplomatic victory.

Races screen Intelligence tab – the age of the data is now shown

Warning spam – the threshold for the AI giving you a warning is now based on your treaty level. If at war, no warnings are given (unchanged). If allied, warnings are triggered for events with a -5 or worse rating. For pacts, the threshold is -10 and no treaty sets the threshold to -20.

Galaxy Map

System hovering – when hovering over a flight path, you have been able to see the fleet information for that path. Now if you hovering over a system that a flight path leads to, you would see the system rather than the fleet

Zooming – when zooming in on the map, the stars no longer turn white. In addition, fleets in orbit around stars will scale their distance from the star by the zoom level so that they visually stay close to the star.


Bug, crash screens – several in a related group all fixed.

Bug, Transit line to edge of map – player views for a system’s fleets could get stale, triggering this bug. Fixed.

Bug, Enemy bombing fleet did not trigger combat – fixed!

Next Turn performance – on a 100M save game given to me, Next Turn times were taking 65s. I found that 54s was spent in some poorly-written AI transport code. I got that down to 8s, greatly reducing late-game Next Turn times on large maps. By release most AI work will occur during the player’s turn so that “Next Turn” will generally be instantaneous, but I do not want to put that in yet since it will mask performance problems like this one.

Tech screen – the first tier of techs is not unlocked for viewing until you have spent at least 1 RP in a category

Fleet screen – when mass-deploying fleets, having one of the selected fleets already at your intended destination will no longer disable the Deploy button

Colonies screen – there is now a column listing the resource level of planets (Rich, Poor, etc)

Colonies screen Shipyard column – ship construction is now shown on the Colony listing only when you have allocated spending that turn

Sabotage screen – there is now a “Take No Action” button for those nice guys who change their mind about committing sabotage when prompted

Map screen – the map control buttons now work properly

Design screen Weapon Listing – fixed scrolling issue for long weapon lists

Design Torpedo description – corrected, no longer shows TORPEDO_1_BRIEF

Advisor Dialog – when an Advisor dialog is displayed on the map, you can now use keystrokes as normal

Please note that this is not the last patch for Alpha 4, but I will now start working on Alpha 5 content. A lot of that content will be introduced into the public alpha as work is completed, but the rate of release will slow significantly.

Thanks again for all of your feedback!

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