Death by immolation and mortal wounds

Here are the last two death animations for the Sakkra. Immolation and mortal wounds. Which of the animations you see will depend upon your soldiers’ ground combat weapons, of course.

There will be corresponding animations done for the “Hostile environment” soldiers but that should be easier now that we know what we are doing for them.

In addition, I believe we now have an upper bounds on the time it takes to do the ships & death animations for a race: 1 month. It’s an upper bounds because generally the first one takes the longest due to the communication back and forth figuring out what looks good.

With 7 more races to go, that’s 7 more months maximum(?) until all of the ship combat artwork and death animations are done for the 8 races in Alpha 5.  That’s long enough! Anything else will get kicked out to the subsequent alpha. Add a month for artist burnout/vacation and that computes to a June 2018 date for a completed Alpha 5.

When the dates are set it always seems so far away but in this case but Alpha 5 is probably the last really huge chunk of artwork and features needed for the final game. After that, it’s the remaining two races and images for technologies & random events.

Darloks next?

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