First Look: Sakkra Ships

Alpha 5 is underway and there are a lot of ship graphics to draw. It will take some time, but hopefully be worth the wait. To give you an idea, here is a sample Sakkra ship:


As everyone knows, the Sakkra are space hippies… with maybe a touch of Greenpeace. Their main messages are “Peace, Love, and HAND OVER YOUR PLANET YOU DISGUSTING POLLUTERS”

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Ukrainian is on the list

I’m excited to let everyone know that a Ukrainian translation is now in progress. This will be the 9th language supported by the game and another 30 million people that we will be reaching in their native language.

Even Ukrainians will eventually know what it’s like to see their homeworld trembling before an alien armada armed with Death Rays.

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Alpha 4.14 slips in

But first, here’s a screenshot of the Bulrathi trying to trade for the player’s Warp Dissipator technology:


Alpha 4.14 is now available. This was a quiet night, patch-wise, because much of my time was distracted by more pressing issues. You can download the latest version from

Remember that you can report bugs and discuss the game on Reddit at

What’s fixed

Tech Trades – trading techs will now show you receiving the technology from the other empire’s scientist, not yours.

Thorium Cells – finally decided to stop drawing the empire range on the map once you learn Thorium Cells since essentially the entire galaxy is in range. This simplifies things a bit.

Ship Combat screen – hitting the “Next” button would sometimes auto-complete the combat instead of stopping at the next player stack.

Some bug fixes – there are a group of crashes all related to having a colony selected when hitting Next Turn and then getting an error if that colony was destroyed in combat during the turn. I’ve stomped a few of them but will do a more thorough checking of this over the weekend.

Thanks again to all of the testers!

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Alpha 4.13 has arrived!

But first, here’s a screenshot of the Mrrshan Spy stealing the Planetary Shields technology from the Alkari!


Alpha 4.13 is now available. You can download the latest version from

Remember that you can report bugs and discuss the game on Reddit at

What’s fixed

Load/Save Games – save game filenames are now limited to 40 characters and names displayed in narrower fonts to improve spacing for long filenames.

Thorium Cells – because this technology gives your ships unlimited range, it was playing havoc with the auto-scaling of boundaries for galaxy maps — making them zoom out excessively. The maps have been made smarter to deal with this.

No scouting if retreating – if your scouts arrive at an unscouted and immediately retreat, they no longer scout the system.

Homeworlds not possible in nebulas – it was possible for homeworlds to spawn inside of nebulas, which is not good starting behavior. This has been fixed.

More keystroke use – You can now use “S” or “Enter” to select the highlight technology when choosing a new technology to research. When the Espionage prompt comes up, you can now use keys “1” through “6” to select which category you want to steal from. Both of these prompts can now be used keyboard-only.

Empire Range Display bug – I introduced a ugly visual bug in 4.12 that I mostly fixed in 4.12b, but hopefully it’s all fixed now.

Thanks again for all of your feedback!


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Bandwidth issues with google

Hello all, it seems that this project has outgrown my ability to rely on my google drive to host the Remnants.jar files (361Mb) for downloading. That’s good, right?

Anyway, I discuss this earlier when I was trying to upload patch 4.12b this morning and was being severely throttled by Google. I’ve switched over to my old DropBox account and will look into upgrading to a paid plan today.

Sorry for any disruptions and that display bug in 4.12!

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Alpha 4.12b is ready

But first, here’s a screenshot of the Bulrathi GNN robotic News Anchor reporting the upcoming Galactic Council election to determine the future leader of the galaxy.


Alpha 4.12b is now available. You can download the latest version from this link: project page

Remember that you can report bugs and discuss the game on Reddit at

What’s fixed

Map Dragging Display issue – this bug was introduced in 4.12 and is fixed in this 4.12b patch

Ground Invasions – Missile bases need to be fully constructed (not halfway) before they can damage incoming enemy transports.

Colony Display panel – addressed issue where it was not consistently reappearing once the Next Turn has completed.

Galaxy Map Range Display – the empire range display should display more efficiently now. In addition, the range control can now also toggle off the display of background stars if you find them distracting. It cycles through SHOW_BOTH, SHOW_STARS_ONLY, SHOW_NONE, SHOW_RANGE_ONLY. Right-clicking reverses the order.

Fleet screen map bounds – if you have Thorium Cells (unlimited range), the Fleet screen will no longer default the map bounds to the entire galaxy. The default bounds are now the minimum of your scouting range (best fuel +3) or 9 times your best warp engine speed.

ECM Jammer X technology – should have proper values now

Future technology names – two missing names have been fixed. This was fallout from all of the tech description rework I did on Sunday.

These fixes took about 1.5 hours to do, making it a pretty short night. I still have some big Next Turn performance changes to make in an upcoming version that will really help on the larger maps and in later games!

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