Alpha 4.19 swoops in with new artwork!

But first, here’s a screenshot of the Psilon GNN notice that the Alkari empire has been completely destroyed by the, you guess it, the Psilons.


Alpha 4.19 is now available. This patch fixes a few minors bugs, adds more UI textures, and brings the new Sakkra ship artwork into the game! You can download the latest version from

Remember that you can report bugs and discuss the game on Reddit at

What’s changed

Sakkra Ship Artwork – the Sakkra ships now have the new artwork! You can see this on the ship combat screen and the ship design screen. These are not animated just yet, but that will be coming at some point.

More UI Textures – textures have been added to the Colonies and Fleets screen. These were brown tones, so it’s a slightly different texture.

Battle Scanners – these now give +1 attack for ships and +3 to initiative.

Black Hole Generators – the Golden Age of free Black Hole Generators has come to an end. They now have proper cost, space, and energy requirements.

Saved Game List – this list is now sorted.

GNN Genocide Notifications – if you exterminated another race through ground combat, you would get two genocide notifications via GNN. Fixed.

Colony Listing – sometimes one of the colony names would blank until selected. Fixed.

Biological Weapon names – the actual names for these weapons was missing, replaced with the description “Biological Weapon”. This was traced to a copy/paste error I made in the tech data files when simplifying them for translations about two weeks ago. Fixed.

Thanks again to all of the testers for their great feedback!

Discuss on Reddit:


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