Some Darlok death animations

Artwork is still continuing on Alpha 5! Below are some early death animations for the Darloks. They are kind of a special breed of alien since they are wraiths.

MOO2 popularized the Darloks as some sort of biological shape-shifters, but we are sticking to the original game’s design of them as shadowy phase-shifters. Here are two different samples of their deaths.


Anyway, the Remnants background lore presents the Darloks as refugees from another dimension, thus their unusual form and physics. How do they even exist in our reality? As with all things Darlok-related, this remains a mystery.

Darloks can control, to a limited extent, an ability to phase in and out of normal space. This is what makes them great spies! However, upon death they disassociate completely and vanish without a trace. No Darlok corpse can ever be recovered for inspection, thus making their form completely unknowable to civilizations native to our dimension.

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