Alpha 4.20 joins the parade

But first, here’s a screenshot of the Darlok Council voting screen. Notice the Darlok leader observing the action through a Palantir. This is one of my favorite pieces of artwork in the game! But honestly, there is already so much incredible artwork in the game that I feel weird picking a “favorite”.


Alpha 4.20 is now available. This patch fixes a few minors bugs and allows players to resize the game screen through the configuration file. You can download the latest version from

Remember that you can report bugs and discuss the game on Reddit at

What’s changed

Screen resizing – there is now an entry in the Remnants.cfg file to allow you to set the sizing of the Game screen relative to the overall display. You can set any value from 50% to 95%. The game previously defaulted to 93%..

Colony Nebula display – when you have a colony in a nebula and cannot build a planetary sheild, the “Shield” field will now say “Nebula” to make this more clear.

Save Game text cropping – the filename text when saving a game was sometimes being slightly cropped. This should be fixed now.

Cloaking Devices & Subspace Teleporters – as with the Black Hole Generators earlier, the size/cost/space values for these ship specials were not being set. Now they are correct.

Error messages – several different error messages were reported and should be fixed now. Thanks!

Thanks again to all of the testers for their great feedback!

Discuss on Reddit:

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