Another Darlok death animation

Not much here, just letting everyone know what’s going on. Also, no bugs reported yet for 4.20!  (knock on wood).



I’m currently revamping some of the text translation logic in order to allow the translators to make more accurate translations. There’s a lot of little stuff to change, so it’s a bit tedious. Barring the discovery of some catastrophic bug, that work will probably push the next update back at least a few more days.

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One thought on “Another Darlok death animation”

  1. >Also, no bugs reported yet for 4.20! (knock on wood)
    You knocked too late. At the risk of it being lost, I’d like to report something (would send a report by email but there’s none posted anywhere and I don’t really use reddit):
    At some point, the game ended for me due to mine and one other civilization being the biggest, and thus on the federation voting I was nominated and won the leadership. Sure, I could reject it but I worry what would happen then and anyway, it’s beside the point – the point is that there shouldn’t be any federation voting anyway because at that time, looking at the intelligence tab, almost all of the sentient life in the galaxy was involved in a war (and some races were involved in a war on all fronts). I don’t think political victory should be available at all as long as majority of the galaxy isn’t at peace.


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