Alpha 4.23 on a not-so-lazy Saturday

A new bug-fix patch is out! I’m still trying to enjoy a little “code downtime” in order to recharge my batteries a bit, but there are some nice changes in here. Mostly, I’ve just been playing a lot of chess and just splurged on a new set:


Alpha 4.23 is now available. You can download the latest version from

Remember that you can report bugs and discuss the game on Reddit at

What’s changed

Colony Spending Orders – when specifying multiple, conflicting orders for Colony spending (e.g. when you learn certain technologies), the game will no longer recalculate them proportionally, but will perform them in the traditional spending priority (IND, ECO, DEF, and SHIP). This should make a huge difference to players on large maps trying to optimize their colonies’ spending.

More Colony Spending Orders – there was another bug where a colony spending order could get removed before it was completed. Fixed!

ECO spending – there was a bug where occasionally ECO spending would get tweaked up or down one tick away from the “Clean” status. This was annoying, I agree.

Ship Combat – ship missiles will now properly attack colonies

Ship Combat – when targeting colonies, ships with bombs will now get close enough to drop bombs even if they have long-range beam weapons that can hit from afar.

Ship Bombardment – an empire’s deflector shield technology level now only benefits against bombardment as long as their are missile bases on the planet.

Ship Repair specials – these now work!

Displacement Device special – the cost, space and power requirements for this device have been corrected.

Plannet Scanning – the various scanning techs should more reliably see ships around other systems where appropriate. I was unable to reproduce this bug, so I basically debugged this problem blindfolded and hopefully found the offending problem. If you still experience this, let me know!

Departing fleets – when doing multiple fleet deployments to the same system, the game will now automatically combine ships into a single fleet where it makes sense to do so.

Colonization screen – there is now an “OK” button to hit when you’ve entered the name. Pressing the ESC key will still work fine.

Setup screens – the Cancel/Accept buttons are now key-enabled.

Ground Combat text – the armor/shield/weapon descriptions for the troops will now auto-size to avoid any text overlapping.

Race Intro text (German) – fixed a display issue on German intro text for Darloks

Thanks again to all of the testers for their great feedback!


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