Alpha 5 schedule

Now that all of the dust has settled from the Alpha 4 release and artwork is coming in for Alpha 5, I think I can start providing reasonable estimates for the next Alpha 5 milestone.  In fact, since we are in a constant state of “release”, I think that using “milestone” is a more sensible term.

The biggest effort for this milestone is the creation of ship artwork and ground combat “death” animations for each of the eight races already in the game. Since the first race, the Sakkra, took about a month to complete that makes it easy to estimate the total remaining time.

Below is the planned schedule. The work mentioned is the minimum planned to complete. There is a real chance that my hours available to work on the project could increase dramatically during this period, potentially allowing for a lot more development work on the project before Alpha 5 is completed.

Finally, keep in mind that this is a rough schedule. It does not incorporate any vacation or other downtime for Petar.

October 2017 – completion of artwork for the Darloks (Race #2) , code changes necessary to get the ground combat death animations to work, and the integration of the Darlok ships & Darlok/Sakkra combat animations.

November – completion of ship/combat artwork for Race #3 and the visual revamp of the Ship Design screen.

December – completion of ship/combat artwork for Race #4 and the visual revamp of the Map screen.

January 2018 – completion of ship/combat artwork for Race #5, the visual revamp of the Galactic Council screen as well as the race-specific text for the council voting. Will probably start more aggressively soliciting translators at this point.

February – completion of ship/combat artwork for Race #6, plus the enabling of manual control of ships in ship combat. All ship specials & weapons should be functional at this point. This is the three-year anniversary of the start of the project.

March – completion of ship/combat artwork for Race #7, plus a lot of work on the Ship Combat & Ship Design AI.

April – completion of ship/combat artwork for Race #8, plus general AI work.

May – any illustration work needed for ship combat effects, plus general code prep for the Alpha 5 milestone.

June – Alpha 5 is released and work begins on Alpha 6 artwork (Human race, technologies, random events)

Thanks for all of your feedback and testing!


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Alpha 4.22 has a bug fix

But first here’s a screenshot showing one player’s total dominance as the Psilons. Don’t get used to it; there will eventually be a lot of AI improvements before this game is officially released!


Alpha 4.22 is now available. This patch basically fixes one serious ship combat bug. I’m trying to take a brief break from coding but I can’t ignore a game-breaking bug! You can download the latest version from

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What’s changed

Ship Combat – if you had a ship with pulsar weapons, combat would crash. This was a side-effect of a fix introduced in 4.21.

Diplomatic Trade Treaty text – the string [amount] started showing up in this texts. Also a side-effect from the translation changes made in 4.21

Greek text update – our Greek translator has provided an updated set of text files already. Fast work!

Thanks again to all of the testers for their great feedback!

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Alpha 4.21 is here with a call for translators!

Here’s a video explaining, in detail, the steps involved in creating a foreign language translation of the game. If this sounds like something you are interested in, please watch!

Alpha 4.21 is now available. This patch fixes a few minors bugs but primarily adds some behind-the-scenes enhancements to support foreign language translations. You can download the latest version from

Remember that you can report bugs and discuss the game on Reddit at

What’s changed

Foreign language support – enhancements have been made and updated text files are being sent to translators for review. Everything should be “fine”, but if you see anything weird in the diplomacy text (including the diplomatic incidents text on the Races screen), let me know.

Ship Missiles – missile stacks in ship combat were not killing enemy targets properly. They are now much more effective. Bug involving missiles attacking colonies is NOT fixed; still working that one

Empty Weapon Slots on Ship Designs – these were sometimes causing subsequent weapons on the design to not fire in combat. Should be fixed.

Colony Production going to zero – there was an underflow bug from excessive spying causing this. It’s fixed!

Thanks again to all of the testers for their great feedback!

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More Darlok Ships!

I’m starting to think that maybe Petar is really an Orion in disguise, sent down to Earth to finally make the coolest-looking MOO 4X in history. Exhibit #1: more of his Darlok ship designs. These are incredible.

I think one of these is a slightly recolored version of the animated one I posted earlier. I like the purple better since I’ve always associated that color with the Darloks. Hmmm, I wonder why.

We are probably 3 weeks away from a patch release with all of the ships and ground combat death animations for both the Sakkra and Darloks. I still have to write the code for the death animations, but it should be pretty easy. Exciting!


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Another Darlok death animation

Not much here, just letting everyone know what’s going on. Also, no bugs reported yet for 4.20!  (knock on wood).



I’m currently revamping some of the text translation logic in order to allow the translators to make more accurate translations. There’s a lot of little stuff to change, so it’s a bit tedious. Barring the discovery of some catastrophic bug, that work will probably push the next update back at least a few more days.

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